403(b) and 457(b)

Plan Setup or Plan Change Instructions

403(b) and 457(b) Annual Elective Deferral Limits

2018 annual elective deferral limits for 403(b) and 457(b): $18,500
Age 50+ catch-up: $6,000
Special catch-up provisions: Please consult with a financial service professional
See the attached 403(b)/ 457(b) Comparison Chart

2018 Contribution Limits

403(b) Instructions

Do Your Research

To get a perspective of the many investment providers available, visit the website 403bcompare.com, operated by CalSTRS, to provide comprehensive, unbiased information for Marin Community College District. Contact the TDS Group, your District’s plan administrator, at 
(866) 446-1072 for more details.

403(b) Instructions

Step 1: Go to the 403bcompare.com
Step 2: Review the list of approved 403(b) vendors that partner with Marin Community College District. 
Step 3: Select a Vendor. 
Step 4: You and/or your Financial Advisor contact your Vendor of choice to establish an investment account. 
Step 5: Complete the 403(b) Salary Amendment Agreement
Sample Form: 403(b) Salary Amendment Agreement-Sample
Step 6: Submit the 403(b) Salary Amendment Agreement to the Benefits or Payroll Office at IVC.

Changes to Your 403(b) Account

Use the 403(b) Salary Amendment Agreement to adjust your contributions. If you are making a one-time change, you will also need to submit another 403(b) Salary Amendment Agreement to change your contribution with an effective date.  

Roth (after-tax contributions)

Go to the 403(b) Compare Vendor Listing Roth which lists the vendors that allow Roth plans.

For employees to start Roth contributions the following steps are required:

Step 1: Select a vendor from the list of approved Roth vendors.
Step 2: Contact the vendor that you select and obtain their account application to open a Roth account.
Step 3: Complete and submit the account application to the vendor to open the account.
Step 4: Complete the 403(b) Salary Amendment Agreement
Step 5: Submit the “403(b) Salary Amendment Agreement” to the Benefits or Payroll Office at IVC.

457(b) Instructions

You may open a 457(b) account with LSW/ National Life Group, SBG/Security Benefit Group or Valic. See the contact information below.

CALSTRS Pension2 (Voya is Record Keeper)

Plan ID: 401894
Toll Free Phone:  (844)  353-2872
Fax Number: (888) 814-5862

Life Insurance Company of the Southwest - 457(b)

Plan ID: A4806
Phone: (800) 579-2878
Fax: (214) 638-9170

Security Benefit - 457(b)

Plan ID: 613893
Phone: (800) 888-2461
Fax: (785) 368-1772

Valic – 457(b)

Plan ID: 2212 Valic
Phone: (800) 853-6399
Fax: (877) 202-0187

Step 1: Select a Vendor.
Step 2: You and/or your Financial Advisor contact your Vendor of choice to establish an investment account. 
Step 3: Complete the 457(b) Salary Amendment Agreement
Step 4: Submit the above forms to the Benefits or Payroll Office at IVC.

TDS Financial Advisor

If you do not have a Financial Advisor or if you have any specific questions, please contact TDS Plan Education/Customer Service at:

(866) 446-1072



You may also choose an Authorized TDS Representative from this list.