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College of Marin has partnered with OpenGov to provide a financial reporting tool for community members. The OpenGov financial data is extracted monthly from the district’s financial system and is the same data used for Board of Trustees’ reports, external reporting to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO), and the basis for our annual audited financial statements. OpenGov makes this information easier to understand with the use of graphs, drill-down options for further information, and the ability to expand or filter data.

The district complies with the CCCCO Budget and Accounting Manual and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

Financial system data is based on the modified accrual basis of accounting which combines aspects of both the accrual and cash basis of accounting. Revenues are recognized when they are available and measurable, and expenditures are recognized when liabilities are incurred.  The district receives revenue apportionment bulletins from the Marin County Office of Education throughout the year and is recorded as received.  Expenditures are recorded as disbursed. Additionally, final adjusting entries are recorded after the fiscal year ends as information is received.

Spikes in monthly or annual actual data result from items such as receipt of one-time revenue funds or retroactive salary payments resulting from collective bargaining unit agreements.

Tips for Using OpenGov

  • OpenGov allows you to explore current and past financial information for the district.  The main view includes a chart or graph, a legend, and various filters to view revenues or expenditures.
  • The title of the report you are viewing is at the top left of the page, along with the filter section.  You can use the filter to drill-down on the data that is of most interest to you.  Use the data filter on the left side panel to make specific selections.
  • The top right section includes a download function to export the report into various format.
  • The bottom of each report shows dollar amounts in a tabular format.
  • Hover over any area of the graphs to see the actual or budgeted amounts for that period or scroll down to see a table with detailed information.

Key Financial Reports

Key reports have been created to provide information that spans from the current fiscal year back to the fiscal year 2013-14.

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