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Greg Nelson
Vice President Finance and College Operations

415.883.2211 ext. 8100

Chief Business Officer

Katy Bauer
Executive Assistant to the 
Vice President of College Operations

415.883.2211 ext. 8101

Executive Assistance for 
College Operations

Peggy Isozaki
Fiscal Services Director

415.883.2211 ext. 8160

Fiscal Services Administration

Leslie Barker
Senior Accountant

415.883.2211 ext. 8157

Restricted Funds
Student Associations

Michelle Greitzer
Senior Accountant

415.883.2211 ext. 8161

Unrestricted General Funds
Payroll, and Accounts Payable

Brianna Haggitt

415.883.2211 ext. 8192

Advancement Accounting

Theo Sedie
Accounting Specialist

415.883.2211 ext. 8169

Accounts Payable, Vendors A - J 

Francisco Aviles
Accounting Specialist

415.883.2211 ext. 8166

Accounts Payable, Vendors K - Z

Marjorie Harris
Accounting Specialist

415.883.2211 ext. 8115

Accounts Payable, Bond/Modernization

David Erlenheim

415.883.2211 ext. 8162

District Purchasing

Mayra Ramirez
Bond Buyer

415.883.2211 ext. 8308

Bond Purchasing

Doris Tucker
Payroll/Benefits Specialist

415.883.2211 ext. 8164

Payroll: Employees A - L

Linda Terry
Payroll/Benefits Specialist

415.883.2211 ext. 8163

Payroll: Employees M - Z

Natalie Barzegar
Staff Accountant

415.883.2211 ext. 8168

Cashiering Services Lead, IVC
Non-Student Accounts Receivable 
Financial Aid Check-Runs

Marilou Fragata
Staff Accountant

415.883.2211 ext. 8165

Cashiering Services Lead, Kentfield Campus
Associations Including Emergency Loans

Keli Gaffney
Accounting Technician

415.883.2211 ext. 8137
415.884.0429 - Fax

Student Accounts A - F
Student Refunds
Indian Valley Campus

Jenifer Satariano
Accounting Technician

415.883.2211 ext. 7138

Student Accounts G - L
Kentfield Campus

Ellen Shaw
Accounting Technician

415.883.2211 ext. 7136

Student Accounts M - Q
Kentfield Campus

Devendra Shrestha
Accounting Technician

415. 883.2211 ext. 7137

Student Accounts R - Z
Kentfield Campus