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Eresa Puch
Assistant Vice President of Administrative Svcs.

628-234-8100 ext. 8100

Chief Business Official 

Katy Bauer
Executive Assistant to the 
Assistant Superintendent/
Vice President of Administrative Svcs.

628-234-8102 ext. 8102

Executive Assistance for the 
Chief Business Official 

Rebecca Yim
Administrative Assistant III for Administrative Svcs.

628-234-7504 ext. 7504

Administrative Assistance for Administrative Services

Tony Clark
Director of Fiscal Services

628-234-8160 ext. 8160 

Fiscal Services Administration

Michelle Greitzer
Staff Accountant II

628-234-8161 ext. 8161

Unrestricted General Funds

Brianna Haggitt
Staff Accountant II

628-234-8192 ext. 8192

Restricted General Funds and Foundation Accounting

Keli Gaffney
Accounting Specialist

628-234-8169 ext. 8169 

Accounts Payable, Vendors A - J 

Francisco Aviles
Accounting Specialist

628-234-8166 ext. 8166

Accounts Payable, Vendors K - Z

David Erlenheim

628-234-8162 ext. 8162

District Purchasing

Linda Terry
Senior Payroll Specialist

628-234-8163 ext. 8163

Payroll, Last Names M - Z

Imgard Witte
Payroll Specialist

628-234-8020 ext. 8020

Payroll, Last Names A - L

Natalie Barzegar
Staff Accountant II

628-234-8168 ext. 8168

Non-Student Accounts Receivable 
Financial Aid Check-Runs

Marilou Fragata
Staff Accountant

628-234-8165 ext. 8165

Associations, Including Emergency Loans

Ellen Shaw
Accounting Technician

628-234-8137 ext. 8137
415.884.0429 - Fax

Student Accounts A - H
Student Refunds
Indian Valley Campus

Jefferson Valladares
Accounting Technician

628-234-7138 ext. 7138

Student Accounts I - P
Kentfield Campus

Devendra Shrestha
Accounting Technician

628-234-7137 ext. 7137

Student Accounts Q - Z
Kentfield Campus