Payroll Department Overview

The payroll department is responsible for accurate payroll processing, inputting employee payroll and benefit deductions, payroll direct deposit and check distribution, and annual IRS Form W-2 reporting.

Timecard Schedule Memorandum

Please read this annual memorandum which outlines time card due dates and related pay dates for timecard users.

FY 2024-2025 Timecard Due Date Schedule – Updated June 7, 2023

Timecard Procedures Memorandum

All staff, supervisors, and managers should read this important time card procedures memorandum to understand time card procedures and responsibilities.

Timecard Procedures

Pay Check & Direct Deposit Advice Distribution

The District distributes all live (paper) payroll checks via regular United States mail only.  Employees enrolled in the direct deposit program will securely receive their electronic payroll direct deposit advice notice via their College of Marin employee e-mail each pay period.  Please note the following points related to payroll checks and electronic pay stub distribution:

  • To ensure accurate and timely delivery of your paper payroll check via regular United States mail, please make sure the District has your correct mailing address.  Submit personal information updates for your mailing address and other personal information such as telephone number and e-mail address in the My Settings section of your MyCOM portal.
  • Payroll checks are valid on the actual pay date.  You may cash your payroll check on or after the actual pay date.  Should you happen to receive your payroll check via United States mail before the actual pay date, then the payroll check will not yet be valid.  You cannot cash your payroll check before the pay date.  Your financial institution may assess you returned check fees or other bank fees should you attempt to deposit or cash your payroll check before the actual pay date.
  • The District encourages enrollment in payroll direct deposit, which is available to all employees.  Direct deposit is safe, timely, and avoids lost paper checks. In addition, direct deposit saves time by avoiding errands to the bank.  Contact a Payroll team member to enroll in the Direct Deposit program.
  • All employees enrolled in the payroll direct deposit program will receive a College of Marin e-mail message with their direct deposit advice securely attached to the e-mail in the form of a PDF file.  The e-mail sender will be, and instructions regarding how to access the secured PDF file will be communicated via the e-mail message.

Payroll Form

Federal Withholding Elections

Adjust your federal income tax withholding via IRS form W-4.  Forward the completed form to the Payroll Department.

California Withholding Elections

Adjust your state income tax withholding via EDD Form DE 4.  Forward the completed form to the Payroll Department.

Payroll Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization

Direct deposit enrollment is available and encouraged for all employees.  Contact a Payroll team member to enroll in the Direct Deposit program.

Authorization for Overtime

Per Administrative Procedure 7234, upon determination of the necessity for paid overtime as approved by the supervisor, proper approvals will be obtained on the Authorization for Overtime form.  The Payroll Department must receive a properly completed Authorization for Overtime form to match (or accompany) the overtime timecard in advance of processing overtime earnings for payment.

  • Authorization for Overtime Form - You may obtain this form in the MyCOM portal, Employee tab, in the employee-only forms section.
Payroll Deduction – Voluntary Elections to Support the College of Marin

The District Advancement Office is now accepting payroll deduction contributions for the support of departments, programs, student scholarships, and special projects. To start payroll deduction, please complete and submit a Payroll Deduction Form - You may obtain this form in the MyCOM portal, Employee tab, in the employee-only forms section. If you would like to use payroll deduction to establish a student scholarship, please also complete a Scholarship Donation Form. For more information call the Advancement Office, ext 7653. 

Understanding Your Paycheck